Clad steel plate

Jinglei has 29+ years experience of make explosion clad steel plate. 

Delivery time: 60--80 days. 

Clad plate standardard: ASME A263/264/265 standard.

Jinglei clad plate mainly used in: Petroleum refinerychemical industrySalt makingSalt chemical engineeringElectric Power industryPaper Manufacturingand Desalination of sea water, etc.

Jinglei clad plates and clad head mainly exported to: North America,Europe,Middle East,and Asia.

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Clad plate

SA516-70+304L clad plate

Clad steel plate 

SA387Gr11Cl2+410S clad plate

clad steel plate-sichuan jinglei


 Jinglei clad metal


 clad plate bend test

Bending test

 clad steel plate-sichuan jinglei





 Sichuan Jinglei Science and Technology Co., Ltd

SA387Gr12CL2+321 clad steel plate

 jl clad metal

SA516Gr70+Inconel625 clad plate

clad steel plate-sichuan jinglei 

Clad metal

clad metal

Explosion site for clad metal 

 clad metal

Clad plate for shipment

 clad tube sheet

Clad tube sheet

 Clad pipe

API clad pipe

 Clad head SA516-70+316L

Clad head SA516-70+316L

 Clad head SA516-70+Inconel625

Clad head SA516-70+Inconel625


NDT inspection for clad steel plate

Ultrasonic Test-clad plate

UT for clad steel plate


clad plate impact test

clad plate impact test

Impact test for clad steel plate


clad plate tensile test

Tensile test


clad plate

Clad plate mechanical test coupon

clad plate bend test

Bend test of Clad plate

clad plate bend test 2

Bend test sample of Clad plate

clad plate shear strength test

Shear strength test of clad plate

clad plate shear strength test

Shear strength test coupon of clad plate 


   clad steel plate

    Sichuan Jinglei Science and Technology Co., Ltdhereafter as Jinglei is a leading company harnesses explosive welding in clad metal materials industries. Jinglei clad plates products are widely used in Petroleumchemical industrySalt makingSalt chemical engineeringIrrigation projectElectric Power industryPaper ManufacturingEnvironmental protection and Desalination of sea water etc, Jinglei clad plates covers all over the China market and some countries of European, America, Middle East and Asia. Some projects which used our clad plates are: TGP Three Gorges Project;West-East natural gas transmission project; Ertan hydropower station; Luoxidu hydropower station; Puguang Gas field project; Oil refining and coking projects for Sinopec; CNPC and CNOOC; Vacuum salt project etc. All those industries above the market share of our clad plates products is the biggest. 

    Our explosive clad material combines with following advantages: over length, over width and over thickness, so these advantages have a great credit in professional area and gains National Torch plan excellent project award for our company.

    Jinglei is the first class materials supplier and network member of Sinopec and CNPC. Company is obtained with the ISO9001-2008 ,ISO14001:2004 HSE managements system certificationISO18001-2007 OHSASAPI5LD for clad pipe,Explosive clad plate “Safety certification” from National Pressure Vessels standard committee; A1 certification and ASME “U” Stamp for pressure vessels manufacturing, D2 certification for Pressure vessels design, GC category certification for pressure pipe installation etc. 

    Jinglei workshop covers 70,000 square meters with steel clad plates’ annual capacity of 120000T and pressure vessels’ annual capacity of 60000T,and clad pipe 30000 Ton/year. The registered capital is 200000000 RMB (about 30Million USD). Identity number: 915115002090041920.

The use of corrosion resistant alloys(CRA) for the control of corrosion in oil and gas systems has a number of benefits. Productions systems fabricated of correctly selected CRAs will provide a safe, leak-free system for the full duration of a project.

    Clad steel plate is a composite material developed to provide effective and economic utilization of expensive materials. The cladding layer which will be in contact with the corrosive fluids is made of the corrosion resistant alloy whilst the much less expensive backing steel provides the strength and toughness required to maintain the mechanical integrity. 

    Clad steel plates have been utilized with great success in processing vessels, heat exchangers, tanks and a variety of material handling and storage facilities as well as for making longitudinally welded clad pipe. And clad steel plate product has been widely used in the chemical, oil refining and chemical transport industries and oil and gas production. 

    Jinglei Explosive bonding clad plate uses the very short duration high energy impulse of an explosion to drive two surface of metal together, simultaneously cleaning away surface oxide films and creating a metallic bond. The two surfaces do not collide instantaneously but progressively over the interface area. The pressure generated at the resulting collision front is extreme and caused plastic deformation of the surface layers. In this way, the surface layers and any contaminating oxides present upon them are removed in the form of a jet projected ahead of the collision front. This leaves perfectly clean surfaces under pressure to form the bond.

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